POINTS LINK 3/3/2013

Abilene APA


“Player Points Program”


This is a program designed to promote activity in the Abilene APA area and reward players for their participation in the APA events and activities.


This is how it will work:  At the city championships in (May / June) 2011. We will draw 1 raffle ticket with a player’s member number on the back. The lucky player will win:

The fun part, how to earn raffle tickets:  Starting at the beginning of next session in Sept. and throughout the rest of this league year. You as a player will have the opportunity to earn player points for certain activities or events. For every 10 points earned, you will receive 1 raffle ticket to be placed in the drawing at the city championships. The more raffle tickets you earn, the better your chances of winning. Below is a list of how to earn points. We may add to this list as the year goes on, so if you have any ideas tell your captain and they will tell us, thanks and have fun!



10 -             Captain a team (10 pts each session you’re a captain)

10 -      Split your team to form 2 teams and both captains earn 10 pts.

5  -       Bring a new player (with new paid membership)

5  -       Bring back an inactive player (with new paid membership)

10 -      Captain a team in a second division

5  -       Play in a local APA tournament (includes singles board)

10 -      Run a singles qualifier board (must be a captain to do this)

10 -      Attend a players / captains meeting

2 -        For any weekly earned patch

5  -       For winning the session sportsmanship patch

5 -      For any end of session special patch (MVP etc.)

2 -        for any returned patch (if you have an abundant amount of patches, I will give you 2 pts for each one returned to me in good shape)


Players must be an APA member in good standing and be actively playing on a team the day of the drawing to participate in the Players Points Program.


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